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Bed and Breakfast B&B de Linten Klarenbeek


In 2015 we - Anneke en Ina - got the idea to buy a house at the outskirts of a village. We wanted to split the house in two, become neigbours and start a B&B together in which others would feel at home as well. Our ideal place needed to radiate peacefulness and open spaces, would be able to be used as a training or coaching centre and needed to be suitable for receiving guests.


Hence a quest started that took us about a year. In 2016 we found this house with annex in Klarenbeek. It could be adjusted to fit our needs. We wanted to share this beautiful place with others, so we decided to change the annex in the backyard into a comfortable B&B and shortstay.


The name De Linten

Klarenbeek is one of the "ribbon” villages. A ribbon village is a long, stretched village that developed alongside a brook or canal. A ribbon also resembles a winding road, a path of someone's life. Every human life has its ups and downs. We want to offer a place to rest alongside this path of life. A ribbon is also associated with a festive bow around a present. A nice metaphor for the service and amenities that we offer.

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