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Omgeving Bed and Breafast B&B de Linten Klarenbeek


The village of Klarenbeek was named after a country estate that was situated on the Klaarbeek, a brook that was later named Klarenbeek as well. Between the village and the neighbouring towns of Apeldoorn and Beekbergen the last primeval forest of the Netherlands was located, the Beekberger forest. In the 18th century a copper mill driven by water power was built and a settlement was formed around it. Halfway through the 19th century the settlement got its own Roman Catholic church. Around 1871 the copper mill was replaced by a sawmill. The Krepel family owned the company for generations. A railway connection to the railway line just north of Klarenbeek in between Apeldoorn and Zutphen was constructed in order to supply the mill with wood and to transport the products (mostly cigar boxes). A stop for passenger traffic was also erected. Klarenbeek has the smallest train station in the Netherlands.



The surroundings of B&B de Linten are beautiful with plenty of nature. De B&B is located at the gate of the Veluwe and in between the city triangle Zutphen, Deventer en Apeldoorn with all kinds of tourist attractions.

A sample of activities in the region:
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Paleis het Loo

Museum More Gorssel

Museum Kröller Müller

Nationaal park De Veluwezoom


Beekberger forrest

Just south of Apeldoorn you can find the Beekberger forest. The last tree of the original primeval forest was felled in 1871. The organisation Natuurmonumenten started restoring the area in 2006 and tried to bring back some of its magical wilderness. Starting from the parking place at the Woudweg in Klarenbeek you can start walking through the Beekberger forest.

Birds of prey at De Havikshof

The Havikshof is a beautiful parklike garden with beautiful vistas and a big water garden. This ornamental garden has many birds of prey in cages. Walk through the garden to see the different kinds of birds of prey. Would you like to know more about birds of prey? Ask for a tour. Shows with birds of prey are also possible by appointment.


Country Estate Klarenbeek

Art and handicraft are united at Country Estate Klarenbeek. This special combination turns the country estate into an inspiring location for your business meetings, family celebrations, workshops, furniture restoration, and recreation in nature.


A small sample of all the options:

Trage Tochten VoorsterbeekDistance: 9 km. Starting place: Klarenbeek   

Groene Wissels De Klarenbeek. Distance: 14 km. Starting place: Klarenbeek

Bike routes

Bike functions 94 and 95 go through Klarenbeek. Furthermore there are various bike routes around Klarenbeek available.


Recreation area Bussloo is a beautiful area abounding in water that offers possibilities to walk, swim or sunbathe.

Thermen Bussloo

De Veluwse Bron


Deventer, de historische Hanzestad aan de IJssel met zijn vele, goed bewaarde monumenten en gezellige binnenstad ligt in de Stedendriehoek (Apeldoorn, Deventer en Zutphen) waar Klarenbeek midden in ligt.


Zutphen is also called Tower City because of its large, historical buildings that form the skyline of the city. With its many museums, courtyards and other sights you'd almost imagine yourself in the Middle Ages. Besides extraordinary architecture this medieval city also offers an attractive mix of shops, restaurants, hotels, events and culture.

Apeldoorn has many different restaurants and shops in the city centre and has many museums and other sights such as the Apenheul, Juliana Tower, Palace Het Loo en the Coda Museum.


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There are several restaurants near and in Klarenbeek.
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